2 mars 2018

Kit de Démarrage et Logic Model D.U Codesign (Version Eng)

In an attempt to share our knowledge and experience on the D.U Codesign, different stakeholders gathered around the cocreation of the program’s Starter Guide and Logic Model. By sharing this first piece of work on the dissemination of the program, Codesign-it! hopes to spread a better understanding of the mechanics of the D.U, its pedagogy and planning, insights that could potentially inspire the launching of similar trainings all over the world. Life-long trainings have the potential power to change the way we work, our well being in the working environment, the way we collaborate to innovate together. Innovating for the future, asks for experimentation in the present and we invite you to try it with us.

  • D.U Codesign Starter Guide for a global overview of the program, its design principles, how it feels from the perspective of the participants and the essential resources to kick it off:

    D.U Codesign – _Starter Guide__V.1

  • D.U Codesign Logic Model for a deeper look in the mechanics of the program, the detailed mapping of its component parts and how they are linked to each other to bring the desired outcomes:

    D.U’s logic model_V.1